An advance booking will ensure your place on a dive package or course

» Make an enquiry & we’ll give you a customised quotation that best matches our products to your requirements.

» If you are happy with the quotation you’ll need to make a deposit to confirm your place:
USD $ 100.00 per person towards the Course & the costs of any PADI materials that you ask us to send to you.

» When we receive your payment we’ll confirm your booking and start you on your way to a great diving experience.

» We can’t refund you for any PADI Materials that have been bought & accessed
» You’ll need to confirm in writing or via email that you wish to cancel your booking
» The qualifying period starts from the time we receive your written communication and ends on the scheduled start date of your booking with us. We only count whole days.

More than 30 days before Refund of full deposit less any bank charge
15 to 30 days before Refund of 50% of the deposit less any bank charges
Less than 15 days before No Refund
» You’ll need to send us your bank details along with confirmation of the cancellation if you think you will be entitled to a refund.
» We’ll confirm the cancellation and the refund amount to you within 5 working days.
» You’ll receive the refund subject to our bank’s processing times. And should allow at least two weeks for this. We’ll send you the transfer advice once the transfer has been made so you’ll know the money’s on the way.